wireless GPS-based Azimuth Adjustment TooL





The device measures the azimuth, downtilt, GPS position and ortometric height. It is controlled via tablet, and the lack of cable connection, compact size and limited weight, suitabilty for all Kathrein mobile panel antennas and long opreation time of up to 6 hours are strong advantages that should be considered by any GSM technician.

The devices connects to the antenna using different adapter plates, for quick attachment and release, is extendible for best signal reception and controled via tablet (included).

Measurable parameters are: GPS position, Azimuth ( 0.8), Downtilt ( 0.25), Ortometric height with a fast update rate during azimuth adjustment (10 times / sec.)

The tablet is a special outdoor unit with a 1.2m drop survival, IP64, a 7" projective capacitive display, Bluetooth, Wifi, UMTS (card slot).

The preinstalled special app, easily stores and offers data like site information, scanning antenna information with integrated Barcodereader, photo documentation with the integrated camera and a report can be issued, saved, and sent by e-mail, generated by the application.